Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday Meme

What you need to do is click on the youtube post under this one and turn on Los Bravos song "Black is black" and listen to it while you are reading this post:

I have made my comeback to Weekly Winner's this week.
This meme was started by the lovely Lotus.
You can pop over there for a list of photo-phenoms.
I never know whether to put my caption above or under
the picture.  What do you say?  I'll try under.

Big Chief tablets.  Does anyone remember going to
grade-school with these babies?  I can remember the
great anticipation I felt going to buy my school supplies
and getting this big red tablet.  They always smelled 
so good to me.  I loved the fresh smell of books and
back then mimeo-graphed copies of papers.  Oh, my!
Those purply- looking ink papers.  I loved that smell too!

I love blue willow patterned plates.  These are Spode
Blue Room and Italian patterns.  The one above called

This one is called "Aesop's Fables".

Anything blue willow, blue delft, blue cobalt appeals
to me.  I collect blue delft and wooden shoes too.

Black is black.  I want my baby back.  It's gray, it's 
gray, since you went away. 

Peering through the vines.  Does she ever terrorize these
ferns.  She gets a little spray of water bottle mist if she
misbehaves.  It helps her with her daily bath.  He he.
Go check out more entries at Sarcastic Mom's.  There's
always room for more!


Kila said...

No, I never had a tablet like that, yet it looks familiar.

I love those blue and white dishes. I have a couple from my great-grandma that are similar.

frog ponds rock... said...

Thank you for sharing... I really enjoyed your photos...

cheers kim :)

baby~amore' said...

a very interesting random collection.I like it - creative

secret agent mama said...

It was perfect with "Black is Black", yo!! Loved it!

ChrisB said...

I have some spode and other blue and white plates and dishes. In fact I have a small jug and my mother has a teapot, that matches one of yours.

Tasina said...

The dishes are beautiful. Took me a while to spot kitty - great picture.

Jenty said...

Very nice collection of plates!
Thanks for the visit to my blog :)

jientje said...

It worked very well with the music! I adore those cows!

tiff said...

Very nice collection of photosThe plates are gorgeous

MP said...

"mimeo-graphed copies of papers".........ME TOO!! I'm not the only wierdo. I'm surprised they still make Big Chief..I thought w/ the world of being PC they would have gotten rid of those..Hmm..
Great pics!!

janet said...

i have never seen the big chief pads, but i love love love the dishes.

janet said...

i have never seen the big chief pads, but i love love love the dishes.

Jeanette said...

I used to love every year starting out with a fresh tablet. I still like new notebooks as a matter of fact, just don't have much use for them anymore!

HRH said...

I liked the plate pics. I have some blue/white plates from my grandparents. My grandma laughed when I told her I wanted them because they were free...they got one place setting with each deposit they made at the bank. They are beautiful and they were hers.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I'm a sucker for those cows! Moooo! :-D

Junebug said...

You've got to be a "certain" age to remember the tablets and no they probably aren't pc.

Rhonda said...

Oh wow - I love all your fotos. Makes me wanna go back and do mine again! And the Big Chief Tablet - of course!!!! I will never forget. That and the colors (smell of Crayolas to this day is my favorite smell because it takes me back to kindergarten), the rugs we took naps on and the little cartons of milk too...oh my. Come by mine when you have a chance! happy WW :0

kitten said...

Beautiful pictures! And your right, they go well with the song.

Junebug said...

rhonda: I forgot about the milk. We had a second grade teacher that would put cartons of chocolate milk in the freezer for us and every afternoon we had slushy chocolate milk. It was so good.

Gattina said...

I am here to answer your question about putting a text on a photo. I use "Paint" that is part of the program Window XP, I don't know anything about Mac computers. But I am sure you must have a program for texts on pictures in there too.

BTW I love your cows, lol !

Pamela said...

no. when I was little we wrote with sticks in the dust. bwaaa haa.

seriously, I have not seen the tablets.

Junebug said...

Gattina: Thanks for the answer. I use to have a pc and I used paint before but I don't know where the program is for something similar of Mac.

Pamela: ha ha. Maybe the tablets are specific to Oklahoma?

Janet said...

I love the plates. Costco was just selling Spode. I am kicking myself that I didn't buy the dark red ones.

kitten said...

We had tablets like that when I was in school, but they were yellow. I thought it was because our team was the warriors. Our colors were Black and Gold.