Friday, February 8, 2008

My View

tj wanted to see the view from my bathroom window. She just didn't realize that mine was nothing much to look at.
I usually keep the curtains closed so no one peers in even though it's highly unlikely that would happen. I open the curtains occasionally in the spring and summer.


tj said...

...Thank you Junebug! I think your view is great! There's nothing wrong with it at all, and I especially love the "Joy" stained glass hanger in the window - that's so you! And how handy is that to use hair clips for curtain holders?! lol... ;o)

...Thanks for being a part and playing along! You're the BEST!

...Blessings... :o)

Junebug said...

Thanks I thought the hair clips were an added touch! I see other people's views and I start wishing and then I remember how blessed I am. I bought some gifts today to send to my newly adopted girl in Uganda. She is seven and probably has nothing. I can't wait to send something to her and see pictures of her family.

Joy T. said...

Beautiful view. I especially love the stained glass 'Joy' :o)

Rick said...


Thanks for your comment about my "story" on Kelly Jean's blog. Toilet paper? That was my wife's department.

Laura McIntyre said...

Oh i love the window

kitten said...