Friday, February 15, 2008

Pensieve's Poetic License-February

Our poem's this month are based on the sonnet.
It is supposed to be about something we love.

Music Inside

There is music in my soul
Melody and harmony in part
Out of my mouth it plays a role
Delivering dreams straight from the heart.

The notes I play are felt
The chorus follows verses
Words that spark and melt
Bring feelings to the surface.

How much of me can be revealed
What part of me is shown
The music can provide a shield
A safe refuge, a home.

All my hopes and all my dreams
Quietly display my world as its theme.

Please go explore the other sonnets at Robin's.  

Also this lovely package came for me this week.  It contained
some sweet melt-in-your mouth treats and a cookbook
that I won from Robin at Pensieve's.  What a delight!


Sandy said...

Very, very lovely.

Terrific job!

Robin said...

:) Hey, it's kind of a Pensieve "two posts for the price of one", huh? I really can tell a lot about you from this little plays a significant role in your life and your painted a lovely picture of that very thing.

Thanks for joining in this month--you've added a joyful note to my day!


karisma said...

Beautiful poem. I really enjoyed reading it.

Laura McIntyre said...

A wonderful job, you have such a talent there

Inheritor of Heaven said...

I like this one a lot! It has so much depth - so many implications. Though I am not a musician, your poem gives insight into what may be driving any musician (or artist). I can also see application in my own life in that I hear music and it becomes part of me, I must interact with it in some fashion. How much does the music I love, reveal about myself or what things does it shield me from? I know for me, listening to music has always been a refuge to be alone and where often my thoughts drift to the Lord.