Friday, March 21, 2008

P.F. Chang's Citrus Soy Salmon

For the past three weeks I have had a deep tissue massage at a spa. My husband gave me a gift certificate at Christmas. I must say it was the best gift possible. I have a lot of knots in my shoulder muscles and boy did she ever work on them. It has been a wonderful treat. Last week I ate lunch at P.F. Chang's where my youngest daughter works as a hostess. She had me eat at the bar and order the Citrus Soy Salmon which is new on their menu. It's on the lunch bowl menu. I have to say that it was the best salmon I have ever eaten. The citrus soy sauce was perfect. I can't wait to eat it again. They serve it with rice on the side and soup. Excellent. This week I ate lunch with my daughter at T.G.I.Fridays. It was nice to get to spend time with her. So I have had threee wonderful weeks of spa. I booked another one in April. I am also going to take my mom next time. So I highly recommend the salmon dish. I am going to get the ingredients and if I get the recipe I will post it too.


Jeanette said...

I used to get deep tissue massages when I worked as a transcriptionist. Man, I felt wonderful when they were done but they hurt something fierce while they were doing them! I haven't been to PF Changs in a while I'll have to try their salmon next time.

Sandy said...

We do not have a PF Chang's nearby but we do have PeiWei about 50 miles away. It's owned by PF Chang and the food is excellent. Totally different ambience but really great food.

kitten said...

They both sound great! I sure do hope you are able to post that recipe! I love salmom, but only make patties. Gosh! I really need a trip to a spa for a week or so. LOL!

nikki said...

Wow, it all sounds so relaxing!

Walker said...

Sounds yummy. Hey that's just great about Dallas.

jientje said...

Looking forward to read the recipe! Happu Easter!

Pamela said...

I think I could handle massage, but deep tissue just sounds toooo painful.

Erica said...

Here is the receipe for Citrus Soy Salmon and the link for the website

8 oz. piece of skinless Salmon Filet
½ tsp of Salt
½ tsp Cornstarch
1 ½ tsp Water
1 tsp Ginger (Finely Minced)
3 fl. Oz Soy Sauce
1.5 fl. Oz Mirin
1 ½ tsp Orange Juice
1 tbs plus 1 tsp Lemon Juice
2 tbs Unsalted Butter
5 oz. of cooked Brown Rice (Follow directions on package)
1 ½ tsp of Lemon Olive Oil