Friday, April 11, 2008


I have had a strep throat since last Friday.  And I have been miserable and tired.  Too tired to blog or read blogs.  I finally feel better today but still not myself.  

My oldest daughter bought a doggie from the
shelter two days ago.  Her name is Apple.
She is three years old.  She weighs about
7-8 lbs.  Isn't she sweet?


Coffee Bean said...

Hi there Apple!

Sorry you've been sick Junebug! I hope you get to 100% soon!

You've missed a lot on my super duper fabulousioso wonder blog! ;o) yeah, right!

Robinella said...

Hope you recover soon. Apple is a sweetie. My favorite dog was a dachshund. Her name was Missy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you haven't been well! Hope you are on the mend.

Apple is beautiful - what a sweetie!! Hope she makes regular appearances here!

Joy T. said...

Awww scritches under Apple's chin and one on her left ear too :o) Could she be any cuter??!

And sorry to read you're under the weather but glad to hear it seems to be getting better. You've been missed!

Sandy said...

Sorry you've been sick. Does an Apple a day keep the doctor away?

swampy said...

Hope you are better. I had strep once while I was teaching...thought my throat was on fire.
My grandmama's favorite dog was a dachshund named Peanut.
Bubba and Bug send kisses to Apple.

Pamela said...

one doggy saved..
I hope she gives you oodles of slobbery kisses

kitten said...

I have been wondering where you were. Hope you feel back to your self soon.
Awww! Apple is so cute!

the planet of janet said...

an apple a day keeps the doctor away ;-)

hope you're feeling better.

The Apron Queen said...

TAG! You're it!! You've been tagged by the Apron Queen. Pop on over to here for more info.

PS Hope you feel better