Friday, May 2, 2008

Oklahoma's Coin

Oklahoma's state coin will be the most rare since
they are only minting 416,600,000 of them.


kitten said...

Yall have a beautiful coin!
What a cheery song! Thanks for sharing! It is a Beautiful day!

Pamela said...

I was looking at one of those the other day -- and didn't know what a scizzortail flycatcher was!!!

Well, now I do.

Robinella said...

Thank goodness my Mom works at the credit union. She always gets nice shiny new ones for our collection.

Wonder why they are making so few?

Junebug said...

The man that was talking about it was a collector and he made it sound like they always choose one coin to be the least made which will apparently make it more collectible. He didn't know why they chose Oklahoma either. I have seen New Mexico's coin now and I guess there are three states to go after that.