Thursday, July 3, 2008

News, news, and more news!

My oldest daughter just received the news that she passed her State Board of Nursing License exam.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!   She is certainly one happy person at work today!  

My youngest daughter was accepted to OU College of Health and Science, but....she got a call yesterday that one of her credits didn't get transferred and she would have to take one more summer class in Gen. Ed upper level.  She just got back from Italy having taken an art class that qualified!  Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!  She was so happy about that and me too.  She found an apartment and a roommate yesterday too.  She moves next week.  :(  Third floor.  

My son smashed his hand at work yesterday.  But this morning it looks much better even though it hurts considerably.  Nothing broken.  Thank God!  He will be moving back to an apartment in August.  Continuing college.  

Viva la Vida
I get to see Coldplay in concert in November. They cancelled their July 10 concert. I can't wait.
For my birthday my daughters and I are going to see John Mayer in Dallas.  We'll stay all night and do some shopping too.  I also can't wait for this!  


Coffee Bean said...

Isn't it exciting when things fall into place for our kids?!?!?

Jan said...

Congrats to your daughters, on their accomplishments. It's cool that they go to concerts with you. I usually end up dragging Bob, and rock really isn't this thing. Hope your son's hand heals fast.

Egghead said...

It sounds like things are falling right into place for your kids. What exciting things to look forward yes!