Friday, July 25, 2008

Pensieve's Poetic License-July

I am going to give it a try this month. Robin has come up with her own creative poem type.

What is a Pensieve? A titled, five-line poem; each line correlates to one of the five senses--sight, sound, scent, taste, touch--and describes the subject (title). The goal is for the reader to take on the poem as his own, being able to "experience" your subject through your words, by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling what you described.

I spot my item on the screen.
The bell sounds and the challenge begins.
Wrist flicking,  Mouse clicking,
Breathing in the aroma of victory.
Nevertheless I have also tasted the agony of defeat.
All will be well when I have my prize in hand.
Go visit Robin @ Pensieve for more poems.


Peter said...

I was there cheering you on from the sidelines.

Junebug said...

Thanks, Peter!

Pamela said...

woo hooo! that was a lesson and a poem in one!

Gattina said...

As here in my summerschool there are also Rap workshops, I think you could use your text here, lol !

Robin said...

Oh, my...when I read your title, I smiled. When I read your pensieve? From ear to ear! Oh, how I can relate when I've been looking for something.

See? I LOVE the diversity of these poems. With every one, I have such a sense of how the author feels about their subject.

Well done! So glad you decided to write one--it's perfect!

Peculiar said...

Oh this was cute and funny. Really neat. Glad I stopped by to read it.

crickl's nest said...

Very clever and cute! Good job! This was fun!

Joy said...

This was hilarious!!! VERY clever!

Karmyn R said...

Oh!! I've been there! Great job.

jeanie said...

Ha! That was gorgeous!!!

Brandon Satrom said...

Awesome! Great choice of topic and very clever poem! Love it!