Thursday, August 21, 2008

Which Wich

Have you tried the Which Wich sandwich place?  We were in Dallas and ate at the Galleria.  It is an excellent sandwich.  There is also one near me in Oklahoma.  Which I will have to dine at soon.  Which I will do.  Which you can be sure of.  Which after awhile the word "which" starts to no longer look like a word spelled correctly.  Which is where they have the "Wicked."  It is double meat and cheese.  You can plan your own sandwich by writing it on a paper sack which is submitted to the cashier which hands it to the wich maker.  Which I'm hoping you will enjoy!


kitten said...


Pamela said...

there is one coming soon to Seattle WA.
Next time I'm there I'll remember what you said

Egghead said...

Oh that sounds good. I have never heard of it.