Thursday, September 18, 2008

Washing Time

My new Maytag Epic front-loading washing machine was
installed yesterday.  I am pleased with the small amount
of detergent and water that it uses.  It only uses about 18
gallons of water compared to 40 with a top loader.  It really
spins out the water too leaving your clothes practically dry.
Which means less dryer time and less lint.  The service man
said it would probably last about 20 years.  Which is wonderful 
but they may invent a washer that dry cleans by that time.  And
I may just have to have it?


Egghead said...

I have to admit those look really cool. Both of my older sisters have them and both of them had problems within the first year with the door leaking. I hope Maytag has that fixed now.

Jeanette said...

I am going to be in the market for a new washer soon (my old one is being held together by duct tape!!) and I am considering a front loader. Do you find them too low? I know you can get a base for is but I guess its a few hundred dollars more.

Junebug said...

It's low but not any different than my dryer. So I'm used to that. I have a shelf I would have to remove to use a base. But that could have been done. The cost of the bases is what prevented me from having them more than anything. I looked at an LG but they are more expensive than Maytag. We have been buying Maytag products and Jenn Air for years from the same nearby dealer who services them also. So the service was key to me. They also sold me my Trane a/c and heater system.

kitten said...

I have been wanting one of those for a long time. They look great!
I hope they serve you well!

Kila said...

Woohoo, very exciting! Enjoy!

my4kids said...

I really need to get one of those sets myself. We aren't on a city water system and since we get so much rain it is collected in a 12,000 gallon tank from the roof. 18 gallons would be so much better usage.