Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue Madness

To say I'm fond of blue patterns and cobalt blue glass would
be putting it mildly.  Blue Willow, Blue Delft, Italian Blue
Spode, or any cobalt blue glass gives me a thrill.  See my
teeny, tiny cat in the basket?  The teapot in the middle is
actually from James Sadler of England.  The Oklahoma
plate is a present my mother bought for her mother many
years ago.  When I was a child I had a blue Fiesta ware plate
that my grandmother gave me.  I still have it.  I used to eat
all of my meals on this plate.  It must be over 60 years old.
Maybe that is why I like blue so much.  It gives me such
good memories.


Tiggerlane said...

I didn't even notice the little kitty until you mentioned it!

Blue is soothing...I can see why that plate has fond memories and why you like it so much!

Walker said...

Love the kitty! And love the blue... especially in front of a window. If I recall correctly, the first time I visited your blog you had a head with blue glass (and other colors) in front of a window.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm with you sister! Love the blues!!! Too pretty. That kitty is just adorable!

Kila said...

Love 'em all!

Gattina said...

I first thought it was dutch ! until I read Oklahoma, lol !

Jeanette said...

Very beautiful stuff. Love the little kitty!!

Egghead said...

Such beautiful dishes. A great collection.

kitten said...

Gosh I have missed so many of your post. Mom has been really sick. I have enjoyed catching up on it all!