Friday, October 3, 2008

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof-Mendacity

The powerful odor of mendacity: (untruthfulness)

What a powerful pair of role models:
Two people who spent their lives helping others.
Two people who stayed together: (they loved each other)


aims said...

The world is a little smaller place without Paul in it. What a wonderful man.

I wonder how many times Joanne will see him in someone else?

Your comment over on mine touched me deeply Junebug. I know exactly what you mean. Bless your father for making you all his heirs. He will always be with you. That's what love is.

Junebug said...

Thanks Aims.

swampy said...

OH, I was so sad to hear the news. "Cool Hand Luke" was my favorite. I guess because it was my first and I was on a date.