Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Redistribution of Wealth

I'm sorry but this is too much for me not to share.

You can think for yourselves.  
Definition of redistribute:
verb [trans.]
distribute (something) differently or again,
typically to achieve greater social equality:
their primary concern was to redistribute income
from rich to poor  (source Dictionary)


Jenni said...

Yes, it's some of these ideas that are my biggest concerns. I'm not sure exactly what his plans are, but I don't trust him. I'm no hard core Republican and I do believe in having some programs to help the poor. I just don't think we'd agree on what programs to implement or how to do it.

I certainly don't believe in raising the taxes for a guy like "Joe the Plumber" whose business would gross (is that the right word?) around $250,000 a year before subtracting expenses. My husband and his dad have a very small construction company. Their company would be probably be in that category, but I can assure you that neither one of them takes home near that much per year. In fact, they don't take home that much combined. I don't think people understand what is being said. You hear $250,000 and, depending on where you live, that sounds like a lot of money. It sure sounds like a lot to me, and I was fooled by the numbers until dh explained it to me.

As for reparitions, I don't believe they can be fair so far away from the actual events. Did my family own or trade slaves? If they did, how far back was it? I think that we have to look at the present rather than the past. Yes, black people in this country have suffered horribly in our nation's past. Other groups have suffered too, to different degrees. Other groups of people who came here came with nothing and were downtrodden and oppressed before and after coming here. We have to start out with what we have and where we land and take advantage of the opportunities that exist and put our own sweat into making something of ourselves. Government's responsibility should be to make sure that everyone has the same rights which will afford them the opportunities *if* they choose to work hard for them.

Junebug said...

Thanks, Jenni, for your comments. We could very well fall into this $250,000 category this year with our business. We don't take home anywhere near that but the gross is what counts. The alternative minimum tax has hit us for the past few years and that seems to take away the deductions that you had and tax them too. We pay the maximum social security tax every year. I, for one, do not want my "wealth" redistributed. My husband works hard for "our" money. Let others work hard too!

Junebug said...

And I'm not hard core Republican either. I honestly been swayed by other candidates like Ron Paul. I am trying my best to look honestly at Obama, but I am having a hard time believing what he says.

Walker said...

Thanks, Junebug for posting that.

kitten said...

Thanks for posting.

Karmyn R said...

Sounds more like Obama the Hood.

Wealth Distribution sounds great in theory, but I think those people who make a lot more money should donate by choice - not forced.

Junebug said...

I don't think Ophrah would want to "share the wealth" that she has worked hard for. Although she gives away all kinds of things on her show, it is really those sponsors who are giving the gifts (tax write-offs). It's kind of like Wal-Mart giving you the lowest price by monopolizing a supplier's goods and forcing that supplier to sell their goods cheaper. Wal-mart's not the one who is losing money, the supplier is.

Pamela said...

Just another "distraction" (that is a direct quote)

I think these are the "distractions" that need investigation.

I am concerned about radicalism, socialism, communism, and above all, honesty-ism.