Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Because I'm a Copy "Cat"

Call me a copy "cat" but I found this so funny on Bossy's blog today that I just had to try it.
Of course, the real person we are copying is HER.
I decided to show you my dance moves wearing my 
lovely new Hunter boots.  I would like to call this
my "first-and-a-half position" but sweet Minne-sota
wanted to come closer to my side.

Now this is my "second-no-fourth position" move.
Notice Marsipan is not as big as a cow.

Now I like to call this my "battlement frappes" position.
Notice I said "I like to" not that it is really.  Notice Marsipan
has spun around for a quick "glissade."

Minne is quite enthralled that I am in this position.
I will call it "focus on the cat plie." Not to be confused
with the "cow pile."

I entertain Minne with a "grand plie" and she does a
"ronds de jambe a terre".  Please take note that "terre"
means "earth."

To be good in ballet it helps to be flexible.
That is why I am wearing rubber boots.
Flexible moves.  Minne looks a little
irritated.  I wonder why?

Hobbes is working on the "cow pie scratch."  He has
got that move down.  

Now just to pick and choose, "which pie do I want?"
Preferably the drier ones work best.  "Plie, anyone?"

The cows hear me laughing.
Pas de deux...

They come for a closer look.
Oh, that might be my zoom lens.

The "rest" of the cows are resting. 


Mr Farty said...

Too much like hard work.

Junebug said...

Well, the hard work was loading the pictures into blogger. The laying on the ground was hilarious. I was laughing so much, I wondered about my neighbors. And the cows.

kitten said...

Too funny! Girl you just crack me up and tend to put a smile on my face when needed.
I just noticed after all this time visiting your blog the name or kind of church you attend. I usually don't ask people, but since I noticed I thought I would tell you I go to Harvest Time Church of God. Is the Church of God and the Assembly of God about the same if not?
I know it don't matter just wondered the difference.

Junebug said...

Yes, I believe they are very similar. My pastor was saved in a Church of God. I think he tells us they are more legalistic. Maybe not every one of them and nowadays maybe less? About what you wear and your appearance?

Sandy said...

Hysterical! and maybe you could answer me a cow question. My husband swears that if you lay down in a pasture, the cows will circle you and just stare out you. I think he is just telling me this to get me to lay down in the middle of a cow pasture for his own sick amusement. Will they?

BOSSY said...

Oh, yeah, hi. Bossy wasn't concentrating because she was loving on those boots. Bossy's *very old ones* are hunter green.

(also: love the cats.)
(the cow pies? Bossy loves the smell. is that wrong?)

Junebug said...

Sandy: I believe this is right. The cows do have a curious nature like cats. Just not as smart.

Bossy: Cow pies-fiber. Biodegradable too. Tasty too, just like candy. Oh no that's vitametaveggemin.

Janet said...

I love it! And now I want to do it AZ style. Hmmmmm. You've got me thinking. :)

Janet said...

btw. I love your header! And I love toile. I have red in my living room. :)

Junebug said...

Janet: Thanks! I have red toile curtains in my living room and black toile in the dining room occasionally.

Kila said...

If the cows come dancing, that would make for some good photos ;)

Rechelle said...

Love the new header. I am linking my current post to you with an edit involving your BUCKET comment. ha ha too funny!

janet said...

hey.... there's another janet. that wasn't me. but this is...

girl, you totally cracked me up today. this is freakin' hysterical.


-the other janet

Pamela said...

it must be the popular dance -- I saw it on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, too.

ohhhh my pugh!! Those are big cowpies!

karisma said...

Ha ha ha. But Bossy's dog looked so indifferent, whereas your cat looks like it is so loving it!

Too funny! Maybe I should try it with the Rat? Now that would be a challenge.

Donna Boucher said...


Marilyn said...

Very funny. Love the boots!