Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recipe for Cornbread dressing or stuffing

I have a request of anyone who reads my blog.  Could you tell me if you have a really good recipe for cornbread stuffing or dressing for Thanksgiving?  I make mine but I would like to know what kind and amount of seasonings that you put in yours?  Do you use eggs?  I usually use a cornbread made from a Jiffy mix because we are used to that and like the sweetness of it.  Then I also would like to know if you stuff the turkey?  or just cook the dressing separate?  I have done both and usually do both so there is plenty of dressing.  Another question is:  do you ever find that the dressing inside the turkey nearest the cavity of the bird is dark like the blood from the turkey? And do you not use that part?  Please answer in my comments and if you have a recipe on your blog already, just tell me.  Thanks.  I just wanted some actual personal input.  


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you but I'm one of those that takes the easy way out. I use Stove Top stuffing. :>)

I am a new blogger and I joined the Blogger over 50 roll. I'm trying to visit the different blogs one at a time.

I loved the kitten photos and I too, used to wait for that Sunday in the fall when The Wizard of Oz was on TV.

I'd love to have you stop by my blog, A Cup of Joe With A View, for a visit anytime.

Pamela said...

Mrs. Cubbisons (where all the other stuffing mixes are!!!)

ha ha.. I'm just a lazy cook.

Gattina said...

I let myself serve here and don't think about any recepes, lol !

Egghead said...

I have never made cornbread stuffing. Every year I make the regular stuffing and I do stuff the bird and make extra and bake it. The best is the stuffing from the bird and I have never paid any attention to if it was darker from blood. This year hubby wants to try cornbread/sausage as well as the regular. So I guess we will be experimenting a little. I don't have a recipe up but I saute onions, celery, mushrooms in butter. Add these to the stuffing bread and I use two eggs for binding and then one cube of melted butter. From there I keep adding chicken stock until it is of the right moisture (we like it very moist). I add poultry seasoning, salt, pepper and extra sage. Mix well and stuff the bird. No measurements....just to taste.

ashpags said...

We made Ree's last year and it was delicious:

Before that we bought 'Stuffing Bread' from a local bakery. We never make it in the turkey, so I'm sorry I can't help on that one. Good luck! =)