Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rose Bowl Parade

Broken Arrow HS Marching Band at the 2009 parade:

New Mexico Road Runner 

City of Roseville's entry

Cal Poly's entry

I have always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl Parade.  I need
to add that to my Bucket List.   Here are some highlights.


Jan said...

I've lived in Southern California my whole life, and have never been. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can find time to go see the floats. I hope life doesn't get in the way.

PJ said...

what fun!! Thanks for stopping by my spot. I've not talked to anyone else who has funded people through Kiva. Thanks for the good word. I had to laugh at the name of your blog. It's one of my nicknames!

Pamela said...

I'd only go if someone else drives who knows the area roads.

One of my friends (who attended U of W) went one year when the Huskies were playing. Her dad was a real penny pincher. He took canned beans -- and set them on the engine while they were driving to heat them. Then they'd stop and eat them for lunch.

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