Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Red is the Color

Red is the color.
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Warning: Christian content


Swampy on the Road said...

Great photos.
Are you iced in?
We postponed driving into Texas yesterday because of the weather.

Junebug said...

We have been iced in. I haven't driven since Monday morning but my husband goes to work. We had only 1/4 inch of ice and sleet. But southeastern Oklahoma had about 2 inches of ice. The Muskogee/McAlester area is pretty bad. Are you traveling that way? It is supposed to get above freezing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 54 degrees on Saturday. New Orleans sure looked pretty.

Marsha said...

No ice where I'm at but I think the western side of Louisiana may have gotten some... it was in the 70s here yesterday but won't make 50 today. This storm has pretty much hit most of the middle of the country from what I understand.

Just posted this music video to my facebook page!

Beth F said...

I really like the top photo -- lovely red!

Gattina said...

and red is also my color !