Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Untitled from Junebug57 on Vimeo.


Allison Says said...

Wow, some "spring" weather, huh?


kitten said...

Wow! that's a ot of snow!
Thanks for the prayers!

Pamela said...

I just read an interesting item about how North Korea does the best job of "darkening" during Earth Hour.
Because... they are dark every earth hour of every earth day.

Is that going to be the last snow of the year? Snow has been falling above us in the blues, but we haven't seen any fall for at least 2weeks here. It didn't lay on.

Jenni said...

I think we did a couple of involuntary Earth Hours yesterday.

kitten said...

I have a little something at my blog to add a little Sun Shine in your day!