Friday, March 20, 2009

I Wear My Helmet!

It was pretty cold this day but we had the best time.  It's not too hard to dress warmly in layers and shed them when it warms up.  This is at the top of an area called Sugar Creek overlook.  We rode for miles and miles.  I honestly can say that I have never in my life had this much fun.  I mean outdoors, wind on your face, sailing along the road, climbing up mountains, eating a packed lunch outdoors, crossing creeks, and being with good friends, what more could you ask?  It's like being a kid again having outdoor adventures.  Fresh air is not highly overrated.  It's priceless.  


WT said...

I'm so jealous! Well, more like envious, but you know what I mean.

Junebug said...

We had five couples on the trip. Seriously, it was unbelievably fun. Especially because I could ride my own four-wheeler. I could climb almost anything we tried. Two or three times I had to have some major help out, but it still was fun even doing that.