Thursday, April 23, 2009


Cat in klompen

World's largest klompen


anecdotes said...

Just looking at those "shoes" makes my pinkies hurt.

So, how goes it in your Neck of the Woods?

anecdotes said...

I couldn't get the Name/URL to work, so I had to post using Open ID.

Junebug said...

All is well. My daughter's baby is due around the 1st of June and we've got her moved into a new apartment. She had a baby shower and got so many things that she needed. The best part is her sister is moving into the same apartment complex in May. She will be in the same building just around the corner from her. Now that will work out so well for helping with the baby. Amen!

Pamela said...

I might be able to handle that dance,

Jeanette said...

I looked at your post and I wondered if you were in Holland MI! I actually have never been there for tulip time. I live approximately 2 hours east of Holland. Email me and let me know how long you are in town for!

Anonymous said...

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