Tuesday, May 5, 2009

$500 Wild Horse Adoption Incentive Program

This week-end in Kellyville, Oklahoma is an event to adopt wild mustangs by the Bureau of Land Management.  The news on Channel 2 said that 80 horses would be up for adoption on the spot if you qualify.  You must prove you have the space and a coral for the horse.  If you adopt a one-to-four year old horse, you pay $125.  If you adopt a horse that is four years old or more and keep it in good health for one year the government will pay you $500.  Interested?  Go here for Kellyville information: Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Heading to Kellyville, OK, May 7-9!  


Pamela said...

are you going to adopt?
I was going to offer to come over and love it for you.

Junebug said...

No, we don't have any place to keep one.