Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grand Child

Nothing could be grander!


Karmyn R said...

Grand and adorable!

Tiggerlane said...

Wow...that beats my new stray puppy, any day!

SO PRECIOUS! My ovaries are aching!

Coffee Bean said...

Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!!

How are you ever going to be able to do anything other than gaze at her?!?!?

Junebug said...

Thanks everyone! I know, it is hard not to just stare at her. I hold her and just can't take my eyes off of her. And every move she makes is a wonder! Hee hee.

Kila said...

Aww, she's a keeper! Congrats :)

Pamela said...

look at all those outfit changes -- like a baby doll.. awwwwww

I'm so far away from my new one. Ya just have to accept it when they don't live close. sigh.

Swampy said...

Nothing like being a Grandma ! She is precious and pink. Congrats to the new parents and to YOU !
Sorry I didn't have the time to get in touch with you this last trip to your part of the World...maybe next time.

Now, for you trip to Ouray (Your-

Be sure to go to Box Canyon Falls, Yankee Boy Basin, and the hot springs pool/cave. I think it's called Weisbaden. (On 5th Avenue?) Not sure how many of the shops will be open but walk both sides of Main Street for quaint little places with lots of interesting wares. HansMan favorite is the rock shop. There is also a hot springs pool that is nice...more public than Weisbaden. As far as restaurants in Ouray, most are on either side of Main Street. Be sure to visit the Beaumont Hotel.There is an outdoor dining area and then a 5 star restaurant that is quite pricey, but has awesome food. Worth a look.

If you're into the natural side of hot springs, go about 10 miles to Ridgway and soak in Orvis Hot naturale ! I love that place. There is a WONDERFUL Mexican Restaurant in Ridgway called Adobe Inn and another restaurant with a nice menu called The Drake.
Then, if you have some extra time, drive to GJ and come for a visit. All the food there is FREE ! You have my phone number, we would love to have you stop by. E-mail me just in case I need to give you our home number.
Happy and Safe Travels !

Junebug said...

Thanks, Swampy, for all the info.