Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Palisades of Cimarron Canyon New Mexico

Mountains thrill me. I could so live near mountains! These are the Palisades of Cimarron Canyon in New Mexico. I borrowed the first two photos from Towanda of Santa Fe. I don't know how I actually missed photographing these as we were driving by. I think I was so in awe I forgot until it was too late.
If you enlarge the photo below you can read the historic marker.

I truly loved the scenery starting in New Mexico and all the way to Colorado. It was a feast for the eyes.


Towanda said...

Hi Junebug. I've enjoyed looking over your blog. Nice job! Looks like you love the New Mexico/Colorado scenery as much as we do.

Junebug said...

Hi, Towanda,
Yes we do. It is amazing. And you get to live there! If I lived another life I would live there too. :D

Towanda said...

We lived in Texas, Michigan and Kansas for many years, but with retirement came our dream come true - the chance to move to Santa Fe. And we grabbed it!

Junebug said...

I'm glad for you. I don't know what we'll do when we retire. We do love where we live but who knows? Colorado? It's possible.

Towanda said...

I think when the time comes you will just *know* . :)

Anonymous said...

I think Cimarron Valley is where I'd like to retire. At least live there awhile to see if it lives as good as it looks!

Can't find any Realtors for the area as yet.