Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arkansas Fall 2010 Moccasin Gap Trails

We rode at night with a full moon above

Our four wheelers are in love

My love

self photo non gratus

This our group shot.  We set my camera's 10 second timer and Mark (the one
leaning down ran from quite a distance through rocks and water to get there)

Close up of our Scorpions

Here is the first attempt at running to make the shot.  Mark runs every morning.


Pamela said...

cute.... looks like he is flying ha ha

Junebug said...

ha ha. He was.

aims said...

It's fun to have group outings and have such a great time as well! He does look like he's flying!

Coffee Bean said...

That looks like a TON OF FUN!!!

lisaschaos said...

This looks like a great adventure! My husband and I used to hike a lot in Arkansas, thanks for the memories!

~SwAmPy~ said...

You guys really know how to have fun . . . but then, you're Okies so that explains it.
I'm waiting for the catfish noodlin' pics.

Hotel in Ahmedabad said...

nice yarrr This looks like a great adventure!

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