Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time with Lola

Lola and I went to Central Park today.  Just not "the" Central Park you might be thinking.

The first time she went down this slide she was holding on to the bar above and just plopped down and I believe it surprised her because it surely surprised me.  But have no fear!  She got over that immediately.

It was a lovely playground made by the city near us.  We enjoyed visiting.  This was our first time since the day started out so cool (77 degrees).  We plan on making this visit many more times in the future since cooler weather is coming with the fall.

I am busy planning and working on our backyard for my youngest daughter's wedding.  We, at least, are going to be able to put our money in our own landscaping.  We're building a pavilion for the ceremony and later will use it for grilling and a hot tub.  I am excited about that.

The week after her wedding she and her husband will be honeymooning and we will watch Lola.

But the following week we are leaving with our RV for a short trip to Arkansas four-wheeling.  That will be a welcome relaxation from all the wedding plans.  Then on to planning our oldest daughter's spring wedding.  This time it will be held at a mansion.


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Susan said...

I hope you'll post pictures of the wedding. I'm still waiting to see "our" pictures. LOL!
Jealous of the hot tub! Enjoy.

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