Friday, September 28, 2007

Older brother Kenny

Kenny is my older brother, but he is the youngest of my three brothers. He is just 19 months older than me, which put him only one grade ahead of me in school. He was a December baby and I am an August babe. LOL. He is holding my son, John, when he was two. It's funny, my son John and his little sister, Becky, are exactly the same distance apart in age as Kenny and I are, almost to the day! My birthday is August 4 and Kenny's is December 11. Becky's birthday is August 11 and John's is December 17. Becky and John are 19 months apart just like Kenny and I are. Well, anyway, I think that is the way it happens in families. You share a lot in common. I love all three of my brothers, they are great. My oldest, I have always been in awe of, and Dennis and I have always been buds, and Kenny, I got to play with the most after the older boys started back to school. Kenny and I had one whole year of playing together before he started first grade. After first grade started, he came home a little mad at me that I did not have to go to school yet. Yeah, those were the days, my friend. (I thought they'd never end)

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my4kids said...

My brother and I are the same distance apart except I'm January and he is September.