Friday, September 28, 2007

Wayne, my oldest brother

My brother and his wife Jean tried for years to have a baby. They even went through in-vetro fertilization. They tried to adopt and were put on a waiting list. Finally, they got past a certain age and were taken off the list. Then, miracle of miracles, Jean got pregnant!!! And here is living proof. You can certainly tell that Wayne is so proud and pleased to have them in this pic. Adam and Sarah are now 14 years old. Wayne just retired from 30 years teaching high school physics. Yes, he is an intelligent person.


my4kids said...

I've known many people who get lucky enough to have a baby on their own after many years of "trying" and or adopting. That is great they had twins!

Egghead said...

How cool is that? We have some good friends that tried for a long time to have a child. They finally were able to adopt a little girl and a month after they got her my friend became pregnant and had a little girl ten months younger than her sister. It happens when God intends it to happen.