Thursday, September 27, 2007

Speaking of birthdays

I had my 50th birthday this year. My children gave me a surprise birthday a week early and it did surprise me. Sadly, my dad had passed away two days before the party, but the kids decided to go ahead with the party to cheer me up. With the family coming over, I just assumed it was a get together for comfort and guess what? it was a comfort. We all enjoyed being together and also got to play with my darling niece, my brother Kenny's grandchild.

Life is definitely a blessing and having birthdays means you're still around to enjoy it. Hold your loved ones closely and remember to tell them that you love them. My dad's last words to me were,"you know that I love you," and it was hard not to cry. I said,"Yes, daddy, I know that you love me." And I do know it.

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Egghead said...

Happy birthday a little birthday is also in 1957 but September 6th.