Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dune buggies

Our last dune buggy

Little Sahara
Does sand get in your eyes?
Yes! And every other crevice you have!

Climbing a dune

Our second buggy

Big VW motor, not stock anymore
My hubby builds every bit of it

Our first dune buggy

New paddle tires, uncut

I sewed the little cover on top!
That was my contribution.

Me and dune buggy
These were the days before children. We spent every week-end we could
going to Little Sahara, camping out. We belonged to SBOT (Sand Buggies
of Tulsa) and had lots of fun. Late 70's, early 80's.
The most beautiful and fun part of the dunes is when
you go out at midnight with a full moon and little twinkle
lights on top of your antenna and no head lights. There
are a trail of twinkle lights going to the top of the dunes
and over and all you can see is twinkle lights disappearing.
The thrill of going over the top of a dune with no backside
and flying off into the air! Such a rush! I would have dreams
about it for several nights later and could just close my eyes
and envision it all over.


Sandy said...

Awesome pics and story, Dunebug!

Junebug said...

Thanks, Sandy. I never thought about being "Dunebug". Yeah, that's good.

her indoors said...

now that looks like fun