Monday, October 22, 2007

Popeye the Sailor Man

Our road trip many years ago took us through Arkansas and Missouri,
I believe this Popeye was located in Sprngdale, Arkansas.
We drove our converted van and camped out everywhere.
My husband is very talented. He put paneling and carpet
in the van and made a bed in the back. I sewed curtains
and made cushions for it out of fur. We had a little
moon roof that he installed. Oh, the talent! The
side of the van had an eagle on both sides made
out of racing stripe tape (made by hubby). If you enlarge
picture perhaps you can see it. It was irridescent. Also,
as you can see I didn't wear enough clothing, remember please
this was the middle 70's and I was not as bright as I am now!

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Sandy said...

Great pictures, great memories, and I'll bet it was a tremendous road trip!