Thursday, October 25, 2007

Laundry Room

As you can see I have quite colorful tastes. I will also point out the various holiday themes on my shelves. I will probably never get rid of these since I am quite the pack rat. I inherited this trait from my mother who hates to part with anything but at least she grew up in a day when you needed to save and keep things. The Frankenstein is my son's and he moves and makes noises when you turn him on. I will keep him for the memories. I love my sunny little spot. It is right next to a bathroom that has a large, deep sink for soaking items. On the opposite wall, there is a closet filled with cleaning items and the iron and ironing board on the back of a door inside the closet. On the shelf, I have a Santa Claus on a merry-go-round pony, a pool testing kit, a pair of sunglasses for mowing grass, a little bowl from Mexico that my mom gave me, candles, oil lamps, colored sand-filled animals my children made, and a green rubber brain. There are blue delft tiles that I am collecting to hang on my wall once I find something to do that with. And of course, my cobalt blue vases in the window. We have a small refrigerator to keep water bottles and gatorade in between the washer and the dryer.


Kila said...

I also like cobalt blue!

Does Frankenstein do anything scary if your laundry sits in the washer or dryer too long? ;)

Junebug said...

I wish he did, like put it fold it or put it away. Sometimes he holds the brain though.