Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pensieve's Poetic License-January

Pensieve's Poetic License for this month of new beginnings is a terza rima.  I had never heard of one before and I will need a lot of poetic license with this one as you'll soon see.

Time Flies
My how time does fly
Who knew how fast
That year went by.

Before we know it
It slips through our hands
Every little bit.

We dare to remember
To number our days
But here comes December.

And out of our sleep
We look back at time
We would like to keep.

So when the clock does chime
We must be ready to climb.


Robin said...

Perfectly titled and captures the essence of "time" it escapes us and how we NEED to make the most of it! Carpe diem, right?? Cool that you were able to communicate this in just a few poetic lines :).

Thanks for playing along this month and for trying your hand at terza rima; if nothing else, we a) learned something new, and b) it really is a fun word to say (say it three times fast, and you'll see what I mean :).

LOVE your new header! It's just so daggum HAPPY!


Junebug said...

I see that I didn't do it just right but anyway I did it.

Sandy said...

I love this! It is all about being ready for whatever comes our way.

Thanks for you comment, too.

Karmyn R said...

This was a hard poetic style - but I think you did great! Good choice of topic too.

At Home in Scottsdale said...

I love the picture in your heading. I have a cousin nicknamed Junebug. That prompted me to check out your blog. I just started blogging a few days ago. Am having a ball.

min said...

Nice. Very nice.
Perfect for the new year...better than resolutions!
You have a very pleasant style.

Karina said...

I liked it! I especially like the second stanza: "before we kno it, it slips through our hands, every little bit" true!

Good job!

Pamela said...

we look back at time... that is so true.

You did a very nice job - and you made it seem easy. Was it?

karisma said...

A very new beginning. I like it.

Ahhh... it puts me in mind of "Unchained Melody"....and time goes slowly...

just lovely!

Walker said...

HEY! First time I saw your new header. I love it. Man, I do like that blue glass. Forgot how much I like it. Why don't I have any!!!!????

Nice poem.

kitten said...

Very true and very good poem!