Friday, January 18, 2008

French on Friday

Bonjour.  Francais le vendredi.
A little French lesson for you.  I will be posting this little ditty on Fridays.
Une petite lecon francaise pour toi.  Je signalerai cette petite chansonnette le vendredi.
Today's lesson will be simple.  Oh, every lesson will be simple.
La lecon d'aujourd'hui sera simple.  Ah, chaque lecon sera simple.
Because I only know simple phrases.
Puisque je sais seulement des expressions simples.
To begin:
Pour commencer:
Hello.  Do you speak French?
Bonjour.  Parlez-vous francais?
I speak a little French.
Je parle un peu francais.
One- un
two- deux
three- trois
four-  quatre
five-  cinq
six-  six
seven- sept
eight- huit
nine-  neuf
ten-  dix
Days of the week:
Monday- lundi
Tuesday- mardi
Wednesday- mercredi
Thursday- jeudi
Friday- vendredi
Saturday- samedi
Sunday-  dimanche
What did you think?
Que pensez-vous?
Did you like it?
Vous l'aiment?
See you next week!
Voyez-toi la semaine prochaine!
I will give some pronunciation guide later today perhaps.  This is a light-hearted attempt, so please don't judge me harshly if you speak French fluently.  I have always wanted to learn several languages.  I have some German lessons also.  I also need to figure out the keyboard change for French symbols.  Does anyone know how to do that?  I have an iMac.


Beckie said...

Great idea, but I definitely need the pronunciations!

Junebug said...

A lot of it pronounces like it looks. I am missing some of the soft "c" sound markings like under the word "francais", you would prononce "fron-say". And the word "lecon" should be marked with a soft "c".

Sandy said...

What a fun idea! I have no idea where the sedille lives on a mac - or on a compaq for that matter!

swampy said...

I have some mac and cheese. Does that count?

Junebug said...

Swampy: Perhaps if you had a big Mac.

Kathryn said...

Ooo. How fun!
The Great Notre Dame. The last time I was there it was under construction. What a gorgeous pic!

janet said...

ma chere junebug, je suis heureuse que tu parles francais aujours d'hui. je parle un peu de francais apres beaucoup d'annees des classes de langue a l'ecole!

Junebug said...

Kathryn: You must have been a tiny girl when it was under construction, possibly not born yet! :D

Janet: I have only had two years of French and that was in high school, long time ago. I dare to brush up now. Ha. I am not too good at writing it anymore. I can read it better.

Kila said...

I enjoyed this! Love foreign languages.

I don't know much French, but did take three years of German, and Spanish.

Bonne nuit

kitten said...

Thanks for sharing! That is so neat. I have been slacking on teaching and learning other languages. What my oldest wants to do in college is required at least 3, but we have only done Spanish.