Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Would you like a slice of lemon and a little bacteria on the side?

I saw this on the news a few weeks ago and again last night on our local news.
It makes you think twice before asking for that slice of lemon at a restaurant.
I wonder if it's the same with limes? :D Because our immune systems are
potentially lower in the winter perhaps we should do without the lemon. They
found the lemons you buy at the supermarket to be without bacteria. You
just need to wash them first, use clean knifes, and clean hands. Duh?


Sandy said...

on my way out the door to lunch with the "ladies who lunch". I think I'll just have water today, lemonless, please.

Sharon said...

I just happened to see your blog.
I hope that you don't mind. I really did enjoy reading it.
I too am a Christian person and I must say that I am proud to say that my youngest son and his kids have once again found their way back to church.He has met a wonderful girl who he will marry in May.She got him back to the church.God Bless her.
really liked the song. Never heard that before.
Have a nice day.

Willowtree said...

Did you notice the nails of the hand that was putting the lemons on the glasses, that's where the fecal matter comes from. Which is why nail polish is such a bad thing as it hides it.

But let's face it, what's in the meal is much worse than what's on the lemon. Virtually all food products have some form of fecal matter somewhere, it's called fertiliser.

Enjoy your meal ;)

Junebug said...

WT: Mmmmm....we are doomed.

Vonda said...

Oh I always ask for a slice of lemon for my water because I can't stand the taste of the water in most restaurants. EWWWW! Now I will take my own slices in a zip loc. You know if I thought about all the stuff out there I would never eat out. Ohhh!

tj said...

...Hello Junebug, I saw that too and was grossed out! I love lemon slices in my water or ice tea but never again... I'm with 'vonda' above, I think I'll just take my own lemon slices in a ziploc bag thank you very much... ;o)

...Blessings... :o)

Sarah (Genesis Moments) said...

Oh - eewwwwww! Thanks for the lemon news! I will never order lemon again when out! That is definitely good information.

Beckie said...

That is gross, isn't it...!

Tiggerlane said...

I'm going to ask for lemon juice in a packet from now on! I never thought about this - but heck, you KNOW they don't wash the lemons properly.


Rachel said...

That is nasty!!

Pamela said...

will someone please check the tossed salad. I'm having a freak here.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

"no cause to be alarmed" I love that phrase after they've already told you your eat crap, literally. We don't go out to eat that much anymore (lack of restaurants in our little town). So I guess that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...


How awful I too saw that on the news. I wonder if the vodka in my Cosmo will kill the germs ? lol If we worried about everything we saw or read we'd all be locked up in our homes.

Take care,

Joy T. said...

Now I know why I hardly ever eat/drink out. Groan!!

Janet said...

I got this as an email.