Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is a lot of togetherness in a basement during an 
Oklahoma storm in 1957.  I am the baby on the left being
held by a girl named Janet.  I think we lived in Checotah.
My brother Dennis is next to Janet.  Then next to the end
is my brother Kenny and brother Wayne on the very end.
My mom could name every single one of these children.
I believe we were having fun.  I know I was.  You see, Fun
is my middle name, if you take off the J, add an F, and knock
off the e at the end.  That's me!


kitten said...

You were a pretty little thing!

swampy said...

What cuties all the kids were !
Oh, I so remember sitting in cellars waiting for those Oklahoma storms to blow by. Our hidey holes weren't as exquisite as yours.
We had coal-oil lamps, standing waters, benches, and spiders...
Gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it.

Pamela said...

My brother in Oklahoma calls it his "fraidy hole."

Are there spiders and such down there? How about snakes. ewwwww.

How did someone get all those kids to sit still in a basement in the middle of a scary storm?

Walker said...

Why don't we have these in Indiana? Maybe Oklahoma gets stronger storms?

Junebug said...

Oklahoma is Tornado Alley!