Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Economy of A Police Officer

Economy: sparing or careful use of something.

There has a been a heated controversy going on in Tulsa over letting some police officers go. The economy is to blame. Budgets have to be cut.

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Officials have figured out what to do with horses from the Tulsa Police Department's mounted patrol unit, which has been eliminated because of budget cuts.

Twenty-one officers turned in their equipment on Wednesday after learning they were laid off. The city says the budget is to blame. We watched as they emptied their cars and turned in their badges. They say they simply don't understand.

There is also a discussion about officers who do not live in Tulsa don't get to drive their cars home.
Tulsa - The Fraternal Order of Police is being asked to help the City keep police officers on the force by forgoing its take-home car benefit for officers.

I think the police budget should be the last item to cut. During this bad economy the crime rate has been going up. Every day there are more reports of bank robberies, hold-ups at convenience stores, home invasions, and car break-ins. When I drive a little over the speed limit I always keep my eye out for police or highway patrol and guess what? I rarely see them anymore.
I also think the parking of a police or highway patrol car in a neighborhood or apartment complex is an excellent crime deterrent. I know when I see a police car parked in my daughters' complex it makes me feel a little safer for them. I don't think giving this up would save enough dollars to matter.
When you think about the sacrifices these officers make every day, you just can't justify denying them their due. I've heard that officers get their coffee free at the places they frequent but that's a small price to pay for their presence. I would welcome them.
I believe they are worth every bit of pay or benefit they get. In fact, they are worth more. The economy of a police officer (sparing or careful use) is a delinquent (formal failing in one's duty) idea.

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